Remember, Reclaim, & Revere the Essential Nature of the Divine feminine

Hey Sister Friend!

I see you.

You are a fiercely independent woman. Always have been. Always will be. That’s how shit gets done, right?

You have multiple things on your plate at any given time (who are we kidding, ALL THE TIME!); kids, husbands, jobs, aging parents, community service; and everyone counts on you to show up. You give. And you give. And you give. You’ve been doing this for so long, you haven’t even noticed that you disappeared.

You used to feel irritated when you’d hear women talk about “self-care” and how important it is to a woman’s well-being. As if you had time for that. Must be nice, you’d snicker. And now, you can’t escape it. If you haven’t yet been hijacked by your best friend in the middle of the day and whisked away to the spa, or she hasn’t yet staged a full-on intervention for you, you know it’s only a matter of time. She’s on to you. And you should listen to her.

Nothing good comes when you put yourself first, right?!?

Something happens to you when you start to move toward putting yourself first (or even just think about it).

All of a sudden, you feel useless because you don’t even know where to start. And you feel foolish that you’ve gotten so disconnected from yourself that you don’t even know who you are anymore or what you want.  And then, oh boy, then, the guilt creeps in. How can you be so selfish, you think. You’re so willing to give 110% to anyone who needs you (and you do give that much, or more)…

But underneath your generousity there’s a little secret… all that giving makes you feel depleted and resentful. 

You haven’t figured out a way to serve others without losing yourself and what you need, too. So you just keep on pushing your needs aside … until you’ve either gotten so depleted that you physically collapse (or worse, get sick); or you’ve gotten so frustrated and resentful from giving so much and getting only scraps in return that you get ugly with those you love.

And when you get there, to that place where you get ugly with those you love, you feel disgusted with yourself for your behaviour.

We’re talkin’ full-blown shame and self-loathing.

As a result, you think something must be wrong with you … and maybe even that you’re losing it; or worse, going crazy.

You desperately long to have your happy-go-lucky, joyful self back, where everything you wanted was easy to get. You wonder where she went … and if you’ll ever find her again.

You’re caught in a catch-22; you know this way of living doesn’t work anymore (your best friend is right, darn her!), but you don’t know what else to do. 

If you don’t make a change, and soon, you risk spiraling into madness and alienating everyone who matters to you; wondering who’s taken over your life; because it’s not you.

This is no way to live.

I know. I’ve been HER.

The truth of the matter

Here’s the truth sister friend: You’re not going crazy. You’ve just forgotten who you are. And you’ve forgotten who a “woman” is. But it’s not your fault; the whole planet has forgotten, too.

And still, you’ve been holding up amazingly well;  given the ancestral wounds you’ve been unknowingly carrying from your mom, and her mom and her mom and for as long back as it goes; and given that you’ve been living by the patriarchal rules that stifles all things feminine and forces you to navigate with only a masculine compass. You’ve got imprints deep inside your unconscious that tell you the feminine is weak, emotional and irrational. Qualities that are not efficient for getting what you want. So you see, you’ve had no choice, dear sister, but to disconnect from HER. Your own birthright.

Relief is a remembering away

You’ll be relieved to know that there is a way back;  to the you you were before you believed all the lies about who a woman is; to the real you who is begging for you to come get Her. Heck, in my view, it’s the only way back to true sanity. Less rage; more being in right relationship with who you are and what you came here to do. 

The way back is simple is to reconnect with your Divine Feminine birthright. It’s time to bring HER back online; back into your energy field; back into your psyche; back into your body; back into your way of being in relationship in and with the world.

SHE longs for you to remember Her. SHE waits for you to reclaim Her. SHE desires for you to revere Her.

Introducing SHE:Initiation

Journeying Back to the Divine Feminine To Save Your Sanity!

In this eight-week journey, we take a rich exploration together. We dis-create what we’ve learned about what it means to be feminine and align with the balanced or “true” state of feminine energy, referred to as the Divine or Sacred Feminine. We’ll be having a whole lot of fun as we explore the various ways we can embody the Divine Feminine energy in our own lives, and on the planet. (Spoiler Alert!  It’s so practical, that you can expect to have immediate, radical changes in how you relate to both “irritants” and “desires” in your life.)


This is a highly experiential program. Sitting in circle with women has an intense healing power unto its own. 

You’ll quickly experience that you’re not alone in your confusion about why you have so much anger toward, well, everything. You’ll come to see this journey is as much about play and exploration as it is a reframe on the history you were taught. 

And I get that this may be new territory for you, especially in a group setting. I know you’re not used to groups. They don’t work for you. You might be leery about it – maybe even cynical, but if your fears and old habits about what you know to be feminine remain in place, and you continue to be unaware of the unconscious, cultural drivers that keep you “in your place”, following only the masculine ways of the world, there is no amount of trying harder, pushing yourself, or making others bend to your will that will yield what you really want for yourself and others. 

The foundation just won’t be right. That’s why nothing so far has helped you reconcile the huge behavioural swings you experience between “sugar and spice and all things nice” and a raging volcano erupting all over those you love. 

So that’s exactly why I built this program the way I did. It’s not a “Six-Steps” or “Top Ten Tips” kind of program. That doesn’t work. The way I reclaimed my Sacred Feminine birthright won’t be the same way you reclaim yours. What does work is to take you by the hand and bring you to a buffet of treasures that hide deep within the Sacred Feminine; so you can sample, taste and devour in your own way, and in your own timing, the aspects of the Divine Feminine that your SHE is asking you to.  

This work isn’t for the faint of heart – it’s for courageous hearts, and if there’s anything I know about you, it’s that you are courageous; you have a reverence for life and helping others that is, well, hard to match.

Together, in circle, in the company of Sacred Sisterhood, you will delight in the deep dark secrets the feminine holds; you will take pleasure in remembering the “secret women’s business” that used to be revered on this planet; and you will embody as much of the Divine Feminine as you can handle so that you can finally find your place in the world, be valued and validated for all that you give to help others and still have room for your beautiful, Divine self. 

The SHE:Initiation Journey …


Week 1

Hello Beautiful! Where’ve you been all my life?!

In this kick-off session, you will learn about the mechanism at play in your unconscious (and our collective unconscious) that has kept you from accessing the divine feminine energies that are yours by birthright (even if you have had no trouble identifying with being “feminine”).

  • You will remember how fun it can be and the healing potential available to you (and the world) when women circle.
  • You will let out a big sigh of relief as you learn that all of you (messiness and all) are welcome in this circle and that you haven’t been alone in your self-loathing and worry about where the “real” you has gone.
  • You will delight in the abundance of the myriad ways to find HER in you and you will leave with a divine feminine attunement that begins the energetic process of reclaiming your inner goddess.

Whew! That’s a lot for a first session! Oh, and the fieldwork practices this week will have you feeling more normal and hopeful than you’ve felt since you were a little girl.

Week 2

Befriending your dark side and inviting rupture

In this class, you’ll be introduced to the value of your “dark” emotions and how to process them without bringing harm to yourself or to those you love. This experience alone will nip your fear of hurting those you love right in the bud.

Sounds good, right?

And, as foreign as it may seem to you now, you will learn why and how to love these “darker” sides of you. You’ll also learn the art and importance of taking another woman higher (so, so, so needed in our world today). The fieldwork practices this week will have you feeling empowered and inspired like never before.

Week 3

Truth or Desire?! Why not both!

Oh, this one is a life changer!

In this class you’ll learn about your relationship to your truth and your desire; why these are essential elements in restoring your right relationship to your feminine and having the life you always envisioned; and of course, how to tap into and use them to have your way with the world (I mean, why waste it?!). The fieldwork practices this week will have you feeling courageous and adventurous!

Week 4

Pleasure, sister, it’s all
about the Pleasure!

In this session you’ll learn the art of pleasure and why it’s the seed of all creation and a must-have tool in your toolbelt (gives a whole new vision to toolbelt, doesn’t it?!)  The fieldwork practices this week will have you squealing with glee (even I’m squealing with glee as I plan out our practices for this week)!

Week 5

I’ll have more Goddess, please!

In this class, you will learn about the feminine archetypes (the imprints in the collective consciousness that “define” the source of power for women), and the Goddess archetype in particular. You’ll receive your second of three divine feminine attunements and you’ll begin to tune into which of the goddess archetypes are waiting for you to open to them.

The fieldwork practices this week will not only have you feeling like the Goddess you are; they’ll also have others treating you like one!

Week 6

Play as a conjuring tool

In this class, you’ll learn about the feminine art of play to conjure what your heart desires. Your inner magical child is excited about this one, she’s been waiting for you to come get her, well, for a long time. The fieldwork practices this week are designed to reconnect the two of you in blissful joy.

Week 7

Receiving as a path to Joy

Oh boy is this one fun! In this class, you learn how to intercept all the “doingness” you’re so accustomed to and make room for all the offers others have for you.

Wait, what? Yes, it’s true. You’ll learn how to stop blocking the contributions of others and accept their kindness, without feeling weak, defeated, or guilty. The fieldwork practices this week are a head-spinner and a heart-warmer!

Week 8

Celebration & Completion

In this final class, you’ll learn about the power of ritual to anchor in your newly reclaimed divine feminine energy. You’ll create structures to continue to foster this new relationship with yourself and with those around you. And what kind of ending would this be if it didn’t include a party?!

?Celebrate Good times, Come on! (cue Kool & The Gang!)?

Together, we’ll witness and celebrate each others’ participation and accomplishments and you’ll leave feeling more supported and grounded than you’ve felt in a long time; maybe even ever.

It’s time. For you. And you know it.


What’s Included in the 8-week SHE:Initiation journey

Eight (8) weeks of Sacred Sisterhood Circle

Circling, as observed in Goddess-worshiping civilizations, is a ritual known for amplifying our ability to remember who we are, heal what has wounded us and take inspired action in our lives. Purposefully limited to 10 seats per circle to create and maintain an intimate container for all that is wishing to be illuminated for transformation in you.

Eight (8) Divine Fieldwork Invitations

Weekly fieldwork invitations divinely conjured to help you experiment and have fun with what you’re remembering in class


All of this juicy connecting with each other and with the Divine feminine happens inside the sacred womb space of the SHE:Initiation red tent, located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Tools & Instructions

All the tools and instructions you’ll need for your successful exploration of the weekly fieldwork invitations, including:

    • Divine feminine essential oil attunements
    • Divine feminine healing crystal attunements
    • Divine feminine guided meditation attunements
    • Your very own copy of the books Pussy: A reclamation & Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, both by Regena Thomashauer
    • A cleopatra bath kit (including a “do not disturb” door hanger!)
    • A “pleasure kit” full of instructions and tools for the pleasure journey
    • Checklists & self-assessments for understanding the aspects of the divine feminine that are wishing to be more fully expressed through you
    • Letters and instructions for the men in your life so they can support your reclamation of your Divine Feminine (and trust me, they so want you to reconnect with Her)
    • And lots more!

Take the sacred journey to reclaim your Divine feminine


Who this program is ideal for…


Women who find themselves angry (most) of the time, about everything: their partners, their children, their jobs, their friends ...


Women who find themselves directing their outbursts of anger at the ones they love and can’t for the life of themselves stop (but want to and secretly know they need to)


Women who are curious to learn what all this talk about the rising feminine is about


Women who are yearning to be part of a community of women they can trust and feel safe with, but don't know where to find them


Women who are tired of serving everyone else; who long to put themselves first (like even just start with enjoying a hot meal for a change), but don't even know where to begin and don't even know what they want


Women who wonder why all their friends or colleagues seem to have it all going on and they wonder what's wrong with them that they don't


Women who wonder why the universe isn’t lining up to support them; why life still seems to be a struggle, even after they’ve worked so hard, given so much and followed all the rules


Women who are more in touch with what they don’t want than with what they want


Women on the brink of exhaustion


Women who identify as “fierce independents” (you know who you are); you do it all, and you do it all by yourself; you’re there for others and never ask for help for yourself

If that's You... Take the Journey Today!


What This Program is…


a space for women to gather and remember what it's like to feel safe in the company of sisterhood


a space to learn, play and explore as we reconnect to the Divine Feminine within (even if you've never even heard of "HER" or know how to access "HER")


a place to land, in your full range of emotions; anger, hostility, passion, desire, sensitivity; not just the ones we were told are acceptable for women to express


a space to be unapologetically yourself; witnessed and cheered on in all your messiness and accomplishments

What This Program is Not


a venting space for man-bashing (or patriarchy bashing, for that matter)


a place for gossip or bitching (we've had enough of that, right?)

Take the SHE:Initiation Journey!


Testimonials from past SHE:Initiation participants

Reasons women have joined the SHE:Initiation Movement

The consistency of knowing we have this every week is important to me. I’ve been really lonely. This group will help me get to my personal “spring”.

I am not good at sharing in a group; this is really challenging my comfort zone – but I’m in because I know this is going to be a real opportunity for me; and this is a safe place to practice being more comfortable and safe with other women.

On the outside I’m smiling, on the inside I’m dying. I can’t do it anymore. I just want to be myself, not a fake person. I hate having to be a fake person.

What they had to say once they graduated

The radical self-celebration part was the best! I can’t believe how starved I was for my own attention.

There were many emotions that came up for me when exploring the divine feminine within me, but I learned the power I have within myself to change and reflect.

Being in a circle of women was a breath of fresh air. The energy went exactly where it was needed and from that I could feel, hear and finally connect with and speak my truth.

I’ve got to say, the best part for me was stepping out of my shell and being more aware of my choices … both have led me to being happy way more than I was before.

Catherine’s facilitation style is unique in that she can take what comes up in the group and relate it to the lesson and teachings on the spot. It is personal. It is real women with real truth surfacing because they feel safe, supported and empowered to see all that needs to be seen to heal and transform.

SHE is ready to be Reclaimed... SHE is waiting for you.