Sacred Sisterhood Circles

When a Woman Remembers the Safety and Healing Power Of Sacred Sisterhood Circling, She Creates a New World

“There’s never been a more potent time in human history for a woman to remember who She is and the power She holds within Her to create a world that works for everyone.”

SHE:Initiation founder and Sacred Sisterhood Circle facilitator

But how do you come to remember this power if all you’ve been told about the feminine is a lie?

How do you come to remember who you are if at every turn you’ve been denied your truest nature, the power of your emotions and the potency of your desires?

You surround yourself with women who hold the energetic frequencies of the Sacred feminine.

Well where do you find those women, you ask.

In Sacred Sisterhood Circles. … I say.

But … but … but … you say.

 I know. 

You’ve lived lifetimes being denied, betrayed and bullied by women, often at the hand of your own mother.

I know.

You hear about Women’s Circles and you wonder what all the fuss is about.

I know.

How can the Goddess help me? you ask.

I know.

You don’t need to feel more, you say.

I know.

You’re good “down there”, you say.

I know.

And yet, as our eyes meet, I see the part of you who is damn curious to know what this Sacred feminine stuff is all about and how come you don’t know about it already.

 I see Her. In you.

I’m the last person I thought would be facilitating women’s circles! My first go at sitting in Circle in 2012 brought forth so much welled up shame, I could barely sit there.

And then years later, when I heard the “Call” to get women back into Circle; I just knew it was right.  So I dove in deep. Deep into the mysteries and magic of the Sacred feminine. Deep into the Sacred feminine that was unfolding within me.

It was in Circle that I awoke to the magnificence of who Woman is.

I don’t recall having a problem being a woman, but before finding this space, I surely was indifferent about it.

It was in Circle that I began remembering past lives as a healer, a priestess, a wise woman.

And I began to get excited about my future. Nothing. No profession before this. Lit me up this much.

It was in Circle that I found normalcy in my erratic cycles and emotions and behaviours.

Not just normalcy, comfort actually.

I know it’s hard to believe, but for most of us, we have not been living the truth about who we are; or leveraging the wisdom that resides right here in our very own bodies.

We just didn’t know. And for the majority of us, our Mothers didn’t know either.

But it’s time now. There are enough who hold this memory now and it is no longer dangerous to remember. Every relationship we have with everyone and everything on this planet depends on us getting back into right relationship with our true nature, so that all of life can get back into right relationship with its true nature, too.

Listen to your inner feminine's longings for more expression and attend a SHE Circle


What is a Sacred Sisterhood Circle?

These aren’t just any circles. These aren’t just angry women sitting around complaining about their men, their kids, their jobs, their mothers or their unrealized potentials.

What makes these circles sacred is three things:

  1. We invite the true nature of a woman to come out and play, not the “victim She is in Her story”.
  2. We meet in the sacred womb space of the Red Tent.
  3. We do some serious women’s business in these circles.
    • Initiations.
    • Rituals.
    • Rites.
    • Magic.
    • Conjuring.

I know it may come as a shock to you, but in here, all of the gloriousness of YOU is welcomed, witnessed, and celebrated. Without judgment.

You read that right. It’s not a trick. Or an illusion. And it’s not a bait and switch. We’ve had enough of those promises.

Where can you go these days to truly have this experience.

If your curiousity is getting the better of you and you wanna give it a test drive, or if you feel the pull back to your masculine ways of pushing through and could use a fill-up on Sacred feminine wisdom, our Sacred Sisterhood Drop-in Circles are just what will meet you in that curiousity and desire.

If you’re looking for a deeper experience with yourself, your sisters and what it means to be a woman, check out our Rites of Passage Circles.

Sacred Sisterhood Drop-In Circles

These circles are designed for the Circle novice and the Circle enthusiast alike.

They are designed to give you a taste of what it’s like to feel safe having your innermost self witnessed in the presence of other women.

They are designed to awaken the memory you hold in your body of what it was like in previous lifetimes to share this sacred space with women.

They are designed to connect you to your body’s wisdom so that you may reclaim and revere your holy vessel.

They are designed to have you fall deeply in love with being a woman.

They are designed to redirect you back to the power of Sacred feminine wisdom when you find yourself back in the illusion that controlling your way through life is the way to go. Offered monthly.

On temporary hiatus until the SHE:Initiation Red Tent relocates

“Time in Circle was so nourishing. I didn’t know how parched I actually was.”

“I actually did fall in love with being a woman. I feel lighter now. And much more powerful. I feel like I can trust my voice again.”

“I truly came home to myself in a way no other method has led me to.”

Rites of Passage Ceremonies & Initiations

Imagine if… when you were a little girl you were told that everything about a woman was sacred.

Imagine if… everything about your body, your cyclic nature, your emotions, your passions, your rage, your life stages was revered and celebrated.

Imagine if… your mother modeled this and your father celebrated her for being this wonder of nature.

How do you think you would move through the world today?
How do you think you would feel about being a woman?
How do you think your life would be different?

I’m here to tell you that it’s not too late. It’s not too late to have a “do-over”. It’s not too late to have these imprints of what it means to be a woman. Regardless of how old you are today.

In the Rites of Passage Circles, we reconsecrate our major life transitions and wipe the slate clean of any woundings or traumas in our initiations into the stages of womanhood. We experience a “do-over” in the most Sacred of ways; with women, by women. Just like we used to experience in the Goddess-worshipping civilizations of our distant (well who’s kidding, ancient) past.

These memories are deeply rooted in our cells. They come awake when initiated through Sacred feminine Ceremony. 

The following Sacred Sisterhood Rites of Passage Ceremonies are on hiatus until the SHE:Initiation Red Tent relocates.

“A woman’s body holds all the wisdom needed to create and sustain life on this planet. This truth can only be awakened in Her through the sharing of Sacred feminine wisdom, passed from and witnessed by one woman to another. This is the “secret” women’s business we conduct in Circle.”

SHE:Initiation founder and Sacred Sisterhood Circle facilitator

If you would prefer to experience a Rite of Passage with a group of Sisters in your network, it would be my honour to conjure a Bespoke Rite of Passage Circle upon your request. Contact me for details.

The time for women to gather in circle has never been more important. Come, Sister, Come into the Sacred womb space of the Red Tent where all of you can be remembered, reclaimed and revered. The Sacred feminine is needed. And She’s calling you. Now.

These Sacred Sisterhood Circles are for You, if….

  • You are a woman or identify as a woman
  • You are a mother of a young child or children
  • You are a single mother
  • You are in an unsatisfying (or even abusive) relationship
  • You are tired of girl-on-girl hate and no longer want to play
  • You have fear and/or anxiety of being around other women
  • You resign to not having girlfriends and would rather just have male friends or none at all
  • You feel betrayed, judged, and bullied by other women
  • You are tired of participating in girl-on-girl judgment, gossip, and jealousy
  • You no longer vibe with your old crowd and haven’t yet met your new sacred sisters

Act on the whispers of your soul and come to a SHE Circle.


Our Sacred Sisterhood Facilitator

My desires for the women of the world are that you remember the wisdom you hold in your body; you remember the healing power of circling with women; and you open yourselves once again to the possibility of Sacred Sisterhood.

I just said “Yes!” and it was all revealed. But it wasn’t always that way…

I wouldn’t have said that I have a “problem” being around women, although my life has been riddled with betrayals by them. So maybe they had a problem being around me.

I wouldn’t have said that I gave up on girlfriend relationships, although I pretty much eliminated them from my life because I couldn’t stand all the drama and self-criticism and negativity. So maybe I did.

I grew up with a mom who (in my memory) was mostly sad and depressed. Somehow, even in those early years, I could feel her dissatisfaction with her life; I could feel the pain of her unrealized desires. I guess I just kind of normalized that behaviour as how mothers are; how wives are; how sisters are.

I am older than my sister by 14 months. She was always defensive when people asked who was older. She took it as an insult. She constantly compared herself to me and in doing so, had to knock me down to make herself feel better. I just thought this was the way sisters behaved. I hated it, actually. It was so annoying. At times in our early adulthood life, we were estranged from each other, even while living under the same roof. It was the only way to make it stop. I never asked for the comparison. I never wanted to compete. I just wanted a sister.

Turns out, this is not the way all sisters behave toward each other. My sister learned this from our mom. She learned that to have power and worth, you have to take it from another woman. I didn’t learn this from my mom, I got other lessons : )

I’ve always had more male friends than female. Kind of got weird when I was in relationships, because the guy I was with never understood how I could have so many male friends. And he never liked it.

I didn’t even know I was missing sisterhood, until I found myself in a circle.

But even then, when I found myself in my first sacred sisterhood circle, I didn’t feel worthy to sit among these women for the shame and self-loathing that filled me up. I was so afraid they would see through me to the “monster” I believed lived inside of me. Funny thing about Sacred Sisterhood. Sisters know about the “monster” inside. And Sisters know how to honour and embrace, even HER, too.

I didn’t know how much I longed for sisterhood until I got my sister back. When my sister participated in the SHE:Initiation 8-week journey to reclaim the Divine feminine; she realized for the first time that there is no need for competition; that there is enough of everything, for all of us.

My sister and I are mending old wounds and re-writing our story of sisterhood.

It is the most divine story I have ever, or could ever, re-write.

Let me help you re-write yours, too.

Where there is a circle of women, there is Sacred Sisterhood.

Where there is Sacred Sisterhood, there is healing.

Where there is healing, there is the Divine feminine.

Where there is the Divine feminine, there is Woman.

Where there is Woman, there is YOU.

You are the healing you’ve been searching for.
You have the hand you long to hold.