Relationship Transition Three-Part Series


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This Series is for women who desire to transition in, out, or within a partnered relationship.

It is ideal for those who are leaving, or have left a partnered relationship and carry the heavy burden of “have I done the right thing?”.

It is ideal for those who desire to begin or have just begun a new partnered relationship and wish to leave past relational wounds in the past.

It is ideal for those in stale, boring, or unfulfilled partnered relationships who want to try one more time to bring back the magic they once felt with their partner.

Imagine what your relationships would be like now, and who you would be in relationships if you understood at an early age what Sacred feminine and masculine mean and how to hold them in right-relationship within yourself. If you had insight into why you attract the “wrong” types and why you stay with them waaay longer than you know you should. If you understood that being in right relationship with your Sacred feminine would call in “the one” who will *know” you, honour you, protect you, revere you.


Your Circle registration for this Rite of Passage Series includes:

  • 90 minutes of (virtual) Sacred Sisterhood Circle in the sacred womb space of the SHE:Initiation Red Tent; three weeks in a row
  • Sound baths
  • Guided visualizations
  • Journalling time
  • Sacred Masculine Initiation Ceremony
  • Relational Healing Attunement
  • Sacred Union Initiation Ceremony
  • Membership in the SHE:Initiation Members Only private Facebook group

We cannot wait to loosen entrenched relational wounds and deepen our remembering of Sacred feminine wisdom with you.

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The SHE in you; and in all your ancestral relations have already begun to debut! I'm so excited for all of you.

During our (virtual) time together, you will be guided to experience a ritual (or two!), an initiation to install a Sacred Masculine blueprint, a relational healing journey to release from your past all that stands in your way of stepping to your Sacred feminine and a ceremony of epic proportions uniting your own Sacred feminine and masculine, preparing you to *know* this in another when you meet him/her. You leave each of the three Circles with a take-home ritual kit that’s been divinely conjured to help you harness the power of the wisdom that comes to and through during your Circle experiences.

The reclamation of the Sacred feminine doesn’t stop there! Post-Circle, you are invited to join the SHE:Initiation Members Only private Facebook group where you can continue to rekindle the sparks of Sisterhood that began in your shared experience inside the sacred womb space of the red tent.

Details and Logistics


All Sacred Sisterhood Circles are hosted inside the sacred womb space of the SHE:Initiation Red Tent (relocating to a new home).

WHEN  7-8:30pm (Eastern)


Ensure you are in a comfortable location where you will not be disturbed for 1.5 hours. Have the following items on hand/close by:

  • a (tea light) candle
  • a small piece of paper
  • a pen
  • a match/lighter
  • a non-flammable bowl that will hold the small piece of paper as it burns
  • a bowl of water
  • a rattle or a drum (if you have one)

See you in circle!


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