The next life-altering 8-week Journey back to the Divine feminine (to save your sanity!) will be open for registration SOON! Join the Wait List to be the first to hear the registration details. Please enter your name and email below.

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Join The SHE Sisterhood

Join our growing online sisterhood at SHE:Initiation (resources for journeying back to the Divine feminine) and be part of HER rising.

But wait! I know what it’s like to feel disappointed. (boy do I ever). You finally get up enough nerve to come check out this program and now you find out there’s a waitlist! What the? Right?!

You were so ready to put yourself first … to start NOW.

You wonder: Is this a sign? Is this waitlist trying to tell you “See! It’s not a good idea to do this course. It’s not a good idea to venture there, into the feminine power you have inside of you.”

Now you’re not only disappointed, you’re also confused. And that never leads to feeling good. You might even be on your way to getting pissed off about the whole thing. Ready to stomp your feet and walk away.

I know. And trust me, it’s all purposeful. And righteous. And perfectly appropriate given how ready you are to let go of the fierce independence; find another way; and stop all your insidious “do it myself” behaviours.

So I want you to know Sister Friend, that I’m not going to leave you hanging. I know you are at a critical juncture in your life where something has to change because if you stay on the path you’re on, you fear the irreparable consequences of losing your shit. One. More. Time.

Please check your email for a link to a little ditty I put together just for you to help you on your way to reclaiming your Divine feminine and connect with sisterhood while you’re waiting for the SHE:Initiation program to open. I trust you will find something in there that will help tide you over until we begin together live.

If it doesn’t quite cut the mustard for you, please reach out directly using the contact us form and I’ll be on it as fast as you can send the desire out into the universe.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is my desire that you feel held, served, delighted and at times, pushed lovingly to your edges in the SHE:Initiation program. If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your experience in SHE:Initiation, I will happily refund your full program fee, no questions asked. And you can keep all the yummy gifts and tools!

What’s Included in the 8-week SHE:Initiation journey

Eight (8) weeks of Sacred Sisterhood Circle

Circling, as observed in Goddess-worshiping civilizations, is a ritual known for amplifying our ability to remember who we are, heal what has wounded us and take inspired action in our lives. Purposefully limited to 10 seats per circle to create and maintain an intimate container for all that is wishing to be illuminated for transformation in you.

Eight (8) Divine Fieldwork Invitations

Weekly fieldwork invitations divinely conjured to help you experiment and have fun with what you’re remembering in class


All of this juicy connecting with each other and with the Divine feminine happens inside the sacred womb space of the SHE:Initiation red tent, located in Mississauga, Ontario Canada.

Tools & Instructions

All the tools and instructions you’ll need for your successful exploration of the weekly fieldwork invitations, including:

    • Divine feminine essential oil attunements
    • Divine feminine healing crystal attunements
    • Divine feminine guided meditation attunements
    • Your very own copy of the books Pussy: A reclamation & Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, both by Regena Thomashauer
    • A cleopatra bath kit (including a “do not disturb” door hanger!)
    • A “pleasure kit” full of instructions and tools for the pleasure journey
    • Checklists & self-assessments for understanding the aspects of the divine feminine that are wishing to be more fully expressed through you
    • Letters and instructions for the men in your life so they can support your reclamation of your Divine Feminine (and trust me, they so want you to reconnect with Her)
    • And lots more!


SHE:Initiation is an incredible dive into the power of sisterhood with the ability to hold even the most vulnerable among us and springboard her into her deepest desires. (Catherine, SHE:Initiation Facilitator)

I am eternally grateful for Catherine’s circle and all the wisdom, safety and support that it brought to me. The gift of this work is not only for the women but for everyone in their lives. I’ve seen shifts in every person in my family since I started to live and practice the SHE ways. I thank her, my family thanks her and I know my my ancestors past, present and future thank her. (Enza, inaugural SHE:Initiation participant)