Remember, Reclaim, & Revere the Essential Nature of the Divine feminine

About our SHE Facilitator

I’m Catherine, a sister friend, just like you. I was doing very well in my life thanks; setting goals, working really hard and making them happen, just like you are. Until two things happened to me that rendered me pretty much powerless to achieving results with my will and determination alone.

First, I became a mother at age 42 with the arrival of my healthy baby boy, Oliver. Soon into the mother role, I realized I couldn’t use my sheer will and determination to get my son (or his father for that matter) to do what I wanted him to. It was really frustrating. I felt tool-less. And powerless. And for fierce independent types like me, that just led to resentment and then to anger and then when the anger was not released in a healthy way, it escalated to rage. Mostly toward my child’s father. So for the sanity of all of us, he had to go (we have a great relationship now as we raise our son from separate households). And for the sanity of my son, I got myself a parenting coach so I could find a kinder way to raise him; it was my worst fear that I would do to him what was done to me as a child.

Then, fast forward to age 47. I met a wonderful man with two boys aged just right to make the perfect sibling set for Oliver. It was the family I had thought I’d always wanted to have. So I did everything I could to make that sucker work; no matter what it cost me. And it cost me a lot. It cost me my vitality as I lost myself trying to heal this man from his afflictions to alcohol and anxiety and depression so we could be the “family” I thought I wanted. But my sheer will didn’t work there either. I didn’t get what I wanted. What I did get was the truth. The cold, hard truth.

Here’s how it landed…

While walking to dinner one lovely Cuban evening while on vacation, just the two of us, away from the kids, he told me I wasn’t feminine. Pretty much those exact words. Man, that hurt. It stopped me dead in my tracks. It felt like a dagger to my heart. By then, I’d learned to listen to how my body talked to me. His words could have just been words …but they reached so far into my being that I literally doubled over and stayed in the fetal position until I could find my composure again. As much as his words hurt, there was some truth in them. And I knew it.

So began my journey to understand what “feminine” even was (since I thought I was quite feminine already, thank you very much). Then I started hearing all about the divine feminine and wondered who she was. So I became a student of SHE. I began learning about who SHE is, where SHE’s been and how to welcome HER energy back into my body, my mind, my soul, my home and my relationships.

As I began opening to HER, the most amazing thing happened. I heard a “call” from the universe. Well, from the lost boys of the patriarchy, to be exact (that’s how they refer to themselves) begging me to get their women back into right relationship with their divine feminine selves so they could stop making the spaces they inhabited together so scary. It was like I heard it with a megaphone. I immediately knew I was up for the task; I had been that scary mommy (thankfully for only a short time) and I had some experience (ok a lot) being that angry, scary bi-och of a girlfriend.

Let me tell you it’s been quite a ride! This reclamation of the divine feminine (that I didn’t even know I was missing) has led me back to who I really am when I’m not posturing all over the place to be what everyone else needs me to be.

And I want that for you, too. To come back into alignment with SHE. SHE’s waiting for you. And the health of your men, your kids and the planet is depending on it. See you in class!

The SHE Vision

My vision for the SHE:Initiation Movement; 

SHE:Initiation is part of a worldwide movement to reconnect women to the Divine feminine. Our programs provide women with Sacred Sisterhood spaces that invite her into her own sacred feminine reclamation, in her own way and in her own time. 

Through her reconnection to her own Sacred feminine nature, a woman will take her relationship with herself, her partner, her children, other women and her own sacred work higher. 

We believe the planet and all her inhabitants thrive when a woman remembers her true nature.

Join me now, and help make this vision possible. For me, for you, for SHE.