Remember, Reclaim, & Revere the Essential Nature of the Divine feminine

Welcome love, to Sacred Sisterhood

In here, you’re supported to remember your divine birthright as a woman and to reclaim your sacred feminine power.

All of our offerings, created by and for women and those who identify as women, are divinely conjured to serve a single purpose: To help you remember, reclaim and revere the Sacred feminine who lives in you.

“Only when a woman is in right relationship with her Sacred feminine, can all of life around her align with its true nature, too.”

SHE:Initiation founder and Sacred Sisterhood Circle facilitator

Who We Are

SHE:Initiation is part of a worldwide movement to reconnect women to the Divine feminine. Our programs provide women with Sacred Sisterhood spaces that invite her into her own sacred feminine reclamation, in her own way and in her own time.

Through her reconnection to her own Sacred feminine nature, a woman will take her relationship with herself, her partner, her children, other women and her own sacred work higher.

We believe the planet and all her inhabitants thrive when a woman remembers her true nature.

Our desire

The wisdom of the Sacred feminine is remembered, reclaimed, and revered once again on this planet and finds its true expression in right relationship alongside the Sacred masculine.

Our mission

Wake women to the wisdom of the Sacred feminine living in their bodies and desires, laying dormant beneath thousands of years of suppression, indifference, and rage.

Our Nature

We are initiates. Our way is to bring women to the bounty of the Sacred feminine and let each discover which of the rich aspects of SHE wishes to be sampled.

You're Invited!

Drop-in Sacred Sisterhood Circles

Come, satiate your curiousity and test drive a Circle. Come, fill-up on Sacred feminine wisdom when you find yourself slipping back into old masculine ways of pushing through. These monthly drop-ins are designed to meet you exactly where you are, where ever you are!

Rites of Passage Ceremonies & Initiations

In these 'secret women's business' gatherings, come, (re)consecrate your major life transitions and wipe the slate clean of any woundings or traumas that may have occurred in your initiations into the stages of womanhood. It's never too late to have a 'do-over'.

Journey to Reclaim the Divine Feminine

You and 7 other women embark on an 8-week  journey to un-learn what and who you’ve been told to be; you reconnect with the balanced or “true” state of feminine energy, referred to as the Divine feminine, and you leave moving about the world as the Goddess that you are.

Come Now Sister.

Take back the wisdom you hold in your body, the longing for sisterhood you hold in your heart and the Sacred feminine power that is your birthright.


SHE longs for you to remember Her.

SHE waits for you to reclaim Her.
SHE desires your reverence for Her.